IU World War I Legacy Fellows

The IU Center for the Study of History and Memory and the IU School of Global and International Studies are pleased to announce the winners of the 2013–14 IU World War I Legacy Fellowships. Faculty members were selected based on their papers addressing the topic, “The Global Legacy of World War I.”

Roberta Pergher
Assistant Professor, IU Department of History

Professor Roberta Pergher was awarded the IU World War I Legacy Fellowship for research on her topic, “Roped into Combat: Alpine Soldiers and Chronicles of the First World War.” Pergher is currently working on a cultural and social history of World War I in the Alps. Her study will analyze the war amidst Alpine cliffs and glaciers, and its meaning for the soldiers as well as for the people living in the valleys below. Tentatively titled The Battle for the High Ground: Nationalism, Technology, and Nature on the Alpine Front in World War I, the book will build on memoirs, military sources, photographs, and on-site visits.

Julia Roos
Associate Professor, IU Department of History

Professor Julia Roos was awarded the IU World War I Legacy Fellowship for her project, “Debates about Propaganda: The Campaign against the Black Horror on the Rhine,” about a racist campaign against the stationing of French colonial soldiers from Africa in the German Rhineland after World War I. Roos is a historian of modern Europe who focuses on 20th-century Germany, gender, and sexuality. She is the author of Weimar through the Lens of Gender: Prostitution Reform, Woman's Emancipation, and German Democracy, 1919–33, a book about prostitution in the Weimar Republic that explores how shifts in established gender relations and sexual mores after World War I affected the stability of Germany’s first experiment in liberal-democratic government.